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The Memorial of Ciwidey's Railway (English Version)

Do you know Bandung? Maybe you know about it. But do you know Ciwidey? Maybe not all of you know about this place. Ciwidey is the small city that included as Bandung city. Located in south of Bandung city.
    Not everyone knows about the history of this city. However, this city also has an important role in the past, before Bandoeng morphed to be Bandung. This city included as Nederland-indie region in the past. 
     At 1918, The Dutch Company began to build a railway line connecting Bandung towards Kopo. This process spend 3 years, and finish at 1921. The Dutch Company rebuild the railway from Kopo to Ciwidey, and this way began it operation at 1923. The reason of The Dutch to build this railway is to transporting natural resources from Ciwidey to Bandung. Ya, Ciwidey is the city that rich in natural resources. Shortly thereafter, this way switching function to be the public transportation for the villager who want to go to the Bandung city and otherwise.

          At 1942, Japan has invasion the Dutch East Indies, and the Nederlander was stopped all they activities in Dutch East Indies and left it. The transport of the natural resources was stopped, and Nederlander was stopped to consume, buy, sell or take the natural resources from Dutch East Indies. That is the reason, why this railway was switching function to be the public transportation.
        Pity, this railway can only operate up to 1975. The big accident experience, happen on 1975. Because of that reason, the Bandung government closed this way and let it abandoned. Whereas, this way is one of the most important role history of Bandung. But just like ussually, the Indonesian are never think about the region history. The government aren't respect the history and dont think about this region's future. But, this is Indonesia. No blame culture.

            The rest of the history. Near Pasir Jambu. If you want to be the witness of this history, you can come here and see about our region fact. Whereas, if this way still operation until now, you can see the beautiful landscape while the train runs. 

             The picture are shows the new function of the old railway. To find the shortcut, this old railway is switching function for once more. The society civil use this way to accrosed the river by the short time. Whereas, this act is the fool one. The society said if they are dont care if those act are jeopardise them self. **


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Annisa Fitri Nurbayanti mengatakan...

itu nyambung ke yg citaliktik gak ray?

Rayi Elfira mengatakan...

Ya,nyambung ke Kiara condong, Cikapadeteuh, Banjaran sama Ciwidey.

andi shop mengatakan...
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jazz.lovers mengatakan...
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jazz.lovers mengatakan...

Mooie Schrijven voor Bandoeng geschidenis maken,en de laaste beeld dat is de brug van oeroeg film maken 1992-1993..

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