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The Potato House of Bandung (English Version)

In Bandung, West java, Indonesia. There is some old-green house that every people call it 'Rumah kentang' or in english, 'Potato House' Why it name is Rumah Kentang? Because lot of people who through Rumah Kentang in night, ussually smell something like potato's vegetable. We dont know, why it can happen.
       That house was built 1900-1920. Located at Saparua or in Dutch, Jaarbeurs, Nederland-Indie. Now it located at Banda  street, near the Saparua field in Bandung. It colour is green, when viewed, the house will look small, but you wont to believe, when you get into it. It will change become bigger, nothing like what we think. And well, fortunately, i was the neighbor of that house. 
       I've heard, in rijsttafel room, the sound of panzer-panzer that discussed about something. That make a lot of some comunity came to the house. Some of them are reckless, bust the living room door to show how brave they are. But that make the guard of that house angry. The guard of that house is a ghost, too. Indonesian call him, Genderuwo. Actually, there was an old lady that live in that house, but she wont be long there, she was always traveling to Jakarta (Batavia). 

That image shows Rumah Kentang in 1922 by Unknown Dutch photographer on Luchtnaar-Afdeling plane. You can see, that Rumah Kentang in 1922 just looks-like a bunch of Tree, but actually it was there. Dont forget to come here when you visit Bandung someday. And look, how horrible place it is. I ever went to it, but i never smell the potato. Even the Dutch figures, never understood about the smell. Not just in Bandung, Rumah Kentang also in Jakarta and another place, they have same name but have different experience and history.

The strange symbol in the back of that house. Photo was taken on 2010, when i was aged 11 years old. The door was not functioning, so the owners block it without any clear information.

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