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K.A.R Bosscha (English Version)

Bosscha Sterrenwacht, or now Indonesian call it Observatorium Bosscha. Founded in 1923, located at Lembang, Bandung (15 KM from the central city). Is the oldest observatorium in Indonesia. It names come from entrepreneurs tea garden, Karel Albert Rudolf Bosscha, we can call him Karl Adolf Bosscha.
         He was born in Den Haag, Netherland, 15 Mei 1865. Died in Malabar, Bandung, Dutch East Indies, 26 November 1928. He is the tea garden entrepreneurs in Nederland-Indie. The person who care about the faith of the Indonesian people. His passion for the tea plantation, make him to built Malabar Tea Plantation. At the present, He became skipper of tea plantations in Pangalengan in 1896. Dedicate to built some school, Vervoloog Malabar in 1901. In 1923, Bosscha pioneering and development funding Bosscha Observatory has long been expected by the Nederlands-Indische Vereeniging Sterrenkundige (NISV). Or in Indonesia is 'Perhimpunan Bintang Hindia Belanda'. Dutch East Indies Association of Star. 
          Bosscha gather entrepreneurs and educated people to form organizations Sterrenkundige Nederlandsch-Indische Vereeniging (NISV-Astronomers Association of Dutch East Indies) to channel money for the construction of the observatoryUntil 1928, the organization is expected to be able to donate 1 million guilders to fund the establishment and daily operations observatory.Piece of land in Lembang has been donated by Ursone Brothers, businessmen Baroe Adjak milking cows, and ownership rights of the land was handed over to NISV.
         Being an entrepreneur, make him don't have to worry about money. Because of his wealth, finally he financed the Observatorium's project by NISV. With Dr. J. Voute, he went to German to bought the huge telescope named Refraktor Ganda Zeiss Telescope and Refraktor Bamberg Telescope. This project was started on 1923 and was done on 1928.

J.G.E.G Voute (Left). Karel Albert Rudolf Bosscha (Middle). Ina Voute, J.G.E.G Voute's wife (Right).

          Then, Bosscha and Voute, give a mandate to the Leiden Observatory to oversee the purchase of instruments for the observatory. Bosscha ask advice from the director of Leiden Observatory, Ejnar Hertzsprung, the procurement system of the telescope and also carry telescopes. He hopes to be able to take advantage of the falling exchange rate German mark after World War I, to obtain good quality of the telescope with low price. In early 1921, Bosscha and Rudolf Albert Kerkhoven willing to pay for a telescope with a diameter of 60 cm and a focal length of 10 meters. The telescope is then ordered from renowned German optical company Carl Zeiss Jena.
          Now, there are some kinds of telescope in Bosscha Observatorium :

  • Refractor Ganda Zeiss Telescope
  • Schmidt Milky Way Telescope
  • Refractor Bamberg Telescope
  • Cassegrain GOTO Telescope
  • Refractor Unitron Telescope
  • Solar Telescope

         26 of November 1928, he was died before the observatorium project was done. He have not had to use or see this observatorium. To remember his dedicated, this observatorium given a name, Observatorium Bosscha. 
         From the sources, there is no the cause of his death. But as i remember, when i'm still 6, i've went to Malabar and ask some the important person. He said if Bosscha was death when he ride a horse in Malabar. But it cant be an absolute fact.

          Finally,on 17 October 1951. NISV submit this observatorium to the Indonesian Goverment. On 1959, This observatory is the member of Institut Teknologi Bandung University (ITB) in Lembang. And since then, Bosscha functioned as a research institution and Astronomy formal education in Indonesia.

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