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The Braga Street (English Version)

       One thing that make Bandoeng being famous is Braga Street. This way is the attraction in Nederland-Indie times. Bandoeng called Parijs Van Java, because of this way.
      Braga is the mascot of Bandung until today. The boutique, bar, cafe and the diversity of market in this way, make a lot of tourist come here.Until now, some of old cafe and bar still operate. The building over there are just same as like the building in Paris, France. So this is the reason, why Bandoeng called Parijs Van Java (Paris in Java).
        At first, Braga is a lane, silent place and boring. And the folks are called it Kidnapped-way, because a lot of kid were lost in this way. And then that name are morphed to be Pedati-way (Pedatiweg) on flappers era. And Braga being crowded and popular, when some of the Dutch company build a market, like " Toko Onderling Belang "(Boutique).

    The negative effect of this way is, rise of the night-club. Night-club is the place that disgraceful for Bandoeng civil people, because in here the people can rent some girl, and being cheating. So Bandoeng civil people wrote a rule along this way. 

In Indonesia:
  "Para Tuan-tuan Turis sebaiknya tidak mengunjungi Bandung apabila tidak membawa istri atau meninggalkan istri di rumah".

In English:
" For the gentlemen tourist, its better should not visit Bandoeng, if not bring your wife, or leave her in home." 

In Dutch:
" De heren toeristen, mag niet komen naar Bandoeng, indien niet breng jou vrouw, of verlaten vrouw op thuis."

Dont forget to come here if you are visit Bandung someday. And remember, every year, there are Braga Festival in this way, however the date of the festival can't be estimate. If you come to Braga festival, they'll be bazaar, and the other market rise along the way. They'll be a large photo from the Jazz age, try to make the memories of Old Braga. And they'll be the vintage scene, community of unique activity.***


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